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From Maxim Potekhin <>
Subject Building a brand new cluster and readying it for production -- advice needed
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 19:15:01 GMT
Dear All,

after all the testing and continuous operation of my first cluster,
I've been given an OK to build a second production Cassandra cluster in 

There were posts in recent weeks regarding the most stable and solid 
Cassandra version.
I was wondering is anything better has appeared since it was last discussed.

At this juncture, I don't need features, just rock solid stability. Are 
0.8.* versions still acceptable,
since I have experience with these, or should I take the plunge to 1+?

I realize that I won't need more than 8GB RAM because I can't make Java 
heap too big. Is worth it
still to pay money for extra RAM? Is the cache located outside of heap 
in recent versions?

Thanks to all of you for the advice I'm receiving on this board.

Best regards


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