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From Viktor Jevdokimov <>
Subject RE: exception when attempting to truncate a table
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2012 21:47:34 GMT
This is a known issue(s) to be fixed (can't find exact tickets on the tracker).

Controller, that receives truncate command, checks all nodes up and send truncate message
to all (including itself), waiting for an answer for rpc_timeout_in_ms (will be fixed to separate
timeout setting).
If any node timeouts, node unavailable exception will be thrown (this will be fixed to timeout

Why truncate takes a long time? That because all memtables should be flushed to free up commit
logs, then truncated sstables should be snapshotted (there will be introduced a setting to
disable snapshots). All this takes time for a truncate.

But you can check with a short scan a few moments later after failed truncate that the data
is actually truncated.

Best regards/ Pagarbiai

Viktor Jevdokimov

Senior Developer


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From: Cyril Scetbon []
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 20:33
Subject: exception when attempting to truncate a table


I'm using version 1.0.7 and when I try to truncate a CF in cqlsh it raises an error message,
but it seems incorrect ...

cqlsh:ks1> truncate core;
Unable to complete request: one or more nodes were unavailable.

>nodetool -h localhost ring
                                                                              155962751505430129087380028406227096917       DC1         RAC1        Up     Normal  75.8 GB         8.33%   0       DC1         RAC1        Up     Normal  72.84 GB        8.33%   14178431955039102644307275309657008810       DC2         RAC1        Up     Normal  72.54 GB        8.33%   28356863910078205288614550619314017621       DC2         RAC1        Up     Normal  108.11 GB       8.33%   42535295865117307932921825928971026432       DC1         RAC1        Up     Normal  72.37 GB        8.33%   56713727820156410577229101238628035242       DC1         RAC1        Up     Normal  72.56 GB        8.33%   70892159775195513221536376548285044053       DC2         RAC1        Up     Normal  73.09 GB        8.33%   85070591730234615865843651857942052864       DC2         RAC1        Up     Normal  169.85 GB       8.33%   99249023685273718510150927167599061674       DC1         RAC1        Up     Normal  72.33 GB        8.33%   113427455640312821154458202477256070485       DC1         RAC1        Up     Normal  93.12 GB        8.33%   127605887595351923798765477786913079296       DC2         RAC1        Up     Normal  88.16 GB        8.33%   141784319550391026443072753096570088106       DC2         RAC1        Up     Normal  92.46 GB        8.33%   155962751505430129087380028406227096917

any idea ?




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