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From Mateusz Korniak <>
Subject Re: Advice on architecture
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 14:16:25 GMT
On Wednesday 28 of March 2012, Igor wrote:
> I'm also trying to evaluate different strategies for RAID0 as drive for
> cassandra data storage. If I need 2T space to keep node tables, which
> drive configuration is better: 1T x 2drives or 500G x 4drives? 

Having _similar_ family of HDDs 4x smaller should be twice faster in reads 
than 2x bigger.

> Should I use hardware raid or linux raid is ok?
Instead of buying hardware raids buy more disks/nodes - should give more 
performance gain.

> I mostly concerned with read performance.

Mateusz Korniak
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Mateusz Korniak

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