We are getting close to replacing our super-column based schema to something more efficient, and I am trying to wrap my heads around composite columns.

An email from another list member has clarified that composite and non-composite columns should not be mixed in the same CF because only one comparator is used for all columns.  Does this also mean all composite columns within the same CF must be homogeneous types?  and I cannot have one composite column name with 3 components while another with 4 components?

Another question I have is how flexible composite columns actually are.  If my data model has a CF containing US zip codes with the following composite columns:

{OH:Spring Field} : 45503
{OH:Columbus} : 43085
{FL:Spring Field} : 32401
{FL:Key West}  : 33040

I know I can ask cassandra to "give me the zip codes of all cities in OH".  But can I ask it to "give me the zip codes of all cities named Spring Field" using this model?  Thanks.

-- Y.