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From Manoj Mainali <>
Subject Cassandra keeps on logging "Finished hinted handoff of 0 rows to endpoint"
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 11:43:44 GMT

I have been running Cassandra 1.0.7 and in the log file I see the log saying

" Finished hinted handoff of 0 rows to endpoint /{ipaddress}"

The above issue can be reproduced by the following steps,

1. Start a cluster with 2 node, suppose node1 and node2
2. Create a keyspace with rf=2, create column family
3. Stop node2
4. Insert some rows, suppose 100, to cluster with consistency level 1
5. Restart node2

When the node2 is restarted, node1 sends the hints to the node2 and from
the log I see that 100 rows are sent. But, after that in the interval of
approximately 10 mins, Cassandra logs "Finished hinted handoff of 0 rows to
the endpoint .."

When I do the "list hintscolumnfamily" from the cassandra-cli, it shows a
result of 1 row, but no columns data.

There seems to be a issue raised before,, and it says it is
fixed in 1.0.7. However, I keep seeing the above log.

It seems that the Cassandra is trying to send hints message even when all
the hints are delivered and there are no more hints left. Is there a way to
solve the above issue?
Recently, another issue was also raised and they are similar,
but I am not sure if they are caused by the same reason.

Does anyone know how to solve the issue?


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