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From Ertio Lew <>
Subject Using cassandra at minimal expenditures
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2012 19:17:55 GMT

I'm creating an networking site using cassandra. I am wanting to host this
application but initially with the lowest possible resources & then slowly
increasing the resources as per the service's demand & need.

*1. *I am wandering *what is the minimum recommended cluster size to start
Are there any issues if I start with as little as 2 nodes in the cluster?
In that case I guess would have replication factor of 2.
(this way I would require at min. 3 vps, 1 as web server & the 2 for
cassandra cluster, right?)

*2.* Anyone using cassandra with such minimal resources in
production environments ? Any experiences or difficulties encountered ?

*3.* In case, you would like to recommend some hosting service suitable for
me ? or if you would like to suggest some other ways to minimize the
resources (actually the hosting expenses).

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