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From Guy Incognito <>
Subject read-repair?
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 20:33:12 GMT
how does read repair work in the following scenario?

i have RF=3, my row/column lives on 3 nodes right?  if (for some reason, 
eg a timed-out write at quorum) node 1 has a 'new' version of the 
row/column (eg clock = 10), but node 2 and 3 have 'old' versions (clock 
= 5), when i try to read my row/column at quorum, what do i get back?

do i get the clock 5 version because that is what the quorum agrees on, 
and then read-repair kicks in and nodes 2 and 3 are updated to clock 10 
so a subsequent read returns clock 10?  or are nodes 2 and 3 updated to 
clock 10 first, and i get the clock 10 version on the initial read?

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