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From Drew Kutcharian <>
Subject Deleting a column vs setting it's value to empty
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2012 20:15:46 GMT
Hi Everyone,

Let's say I have the following object which I would like to save in Cassandra:

class User {
  UUID id; //row key
  String name; //columnKey: "name", columnValue: the name of the user
  String description; //columnKey: "description", columnValue: the description of the user

Description can be nullable. What's the best approach when a user updates her description
and sets it to null? Should I delete the description column or set it to an empty string?

In addition, if I go with the delete column strategy, since I don't know what was the previous
value of description (the column could not even exist), what would happen when I delete a
non existent column?



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