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From Chris Hart <>
Subject internode communication using multiple network interfaces
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 20:56:42 GMT

I have 3 Cassandra nodes in one data center all on the same local network, which needs to
replicate from an off site data center.  Only 1 of the 3 nodes, called dw01, is externally
accessible.  dw01 has 2 network interfaces, one externally accessible and one internal.  All
3 nodes talk to each other fine when I set dw01's listen_address to the internal IP address.
 As soon as I set the listen_address to the external IP address, there is no communication
between dw01 and other 2 nodes.  The other nodes should be able to send to dw01's external
IP address (I can telnet from them to dw01 on port 7000 and 7001 just fine), but dw01 obviously
would need to use it's internal network interface to send anything to the other 2 nodes. 
Is this a setup that is possible with Cassandra?  If not, any recommendations on how I could
implement this?


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