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From Krassimir Kostov <>
Subject RE: SQL DB Integration
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2012 03:40:59 GMT

Hi Viktor,
Thanks for the comments.  True, the characteristics that I outlined were general, just to
give a background/context to the problem I’m trying to solve.  Will address more specific
questions when it comes to designing and implementing the data storage solution and the API
to do the integration of (1) – (3) above.
Given that our data mining application (IBM SPSS Modeler), our partner platform (Oracle DB
data model), used for additional services and our clients’ DBs are all based on SQL, from
your experience:
(1) Is it a good idea to use Cassandra as a storage solution for SQL data, converted to the
NoSQL data model just to be stored on Cassandra?
(2) Do you know of any similar cases of using Cassandra as a storage, supporting SQL data
applications, or perhaps data model architecture differences and high development costs make
no sense for this?
(3) If using Cassandra as a storage, supporting SQL data applications is not a good idea,
do you recommend an alternative SQL cloud DB solution that has good scalability? 
Thanks and regards,
Krassimir Kostov 		 	   		  
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