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From Carlos Pérez Miguel <>
Subject Re: specifying initial cassandra schema
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 20:35:43 GMT
Hi Ramesh

You can use the schematool command. I am using it for the same
purposes in Cassandra 0.7.9.

I use the following line in my cassandra startup script:

$CASSANDRA_HOME/bin/schematool HOSTNAME 8080 import

where HOSTNAME is the hostname of your test machine. It will import
the schema from your cassandra.yaml file.
If you execute it and there is already a schema in the cassandra
cluster, you'll get a exception from schematool but no impact to the


Carlos Pérez Miguel

2012/1/17 Ramesh Natarajan <>:
> I usually start cassandra and then use cassandra-cli to import a
> schema.   Is there any  automated way to load a fixed schema when
> cassandra starts automatically?
> I have a test setup where i run cassandra on a single node. I have a
> OS image packaged with cassandra and it automatically starts cassandra
> as a part of OS boot up.
> I saw some old references to specify schema in cassandra.yaml.  Is
> this still supported in Cassandra 1.x?  Are there any examples?
> thanks
> Ramesh

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