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From bobby saputra <>
Subject Integration Error between Cassandra and Eclipse
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 17:04:53 GMT
Hi There,

I am a beginner user in Cassandra. I hear from many people said Cassandra is
a powerful database software which is used by Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.
So I feel interesting to study more about Cassandra.

When I performed integration process between Cassandra with Eclipse IDE (in
this case I use Java as computer language), I get trouble and have many
I have already followed all instruction from, but this
tutorial was not working properly. I got a lot of errors and warnings while
creating Java project in eclipse.

These are the errors and warnings:

Error(X) (1 item):
Description Resource  Location
The method rangeSet(Range<T>...) in the type Range is not applicable for
the arguments (Range[]) line 178

Warnings(!) (100 of 2916 items):
Description Resource Location
AbstractType is a raw type. References to generic type AbstractType<T>
should be parameterized line 72
(and many same warnings)

These are what i've done:
1. I checked out cassandra-trunk from given link using SlikSvn as svn
2. I moved to cassandra-trunk folder, and build with ant using "ant build"
3. I generate eclipse files with ant using "ant generate-eclipse-files"
4. I create new java project on eclipse, insert project name with
"cassandra-trunk", browse the location into cassandra-trunk folder.

Do I perform any mistakes? Or there are something wrong with the tutorial in ??

I have already googling to find the solution to solve this problem, but
I found no results. Would you want to help me by giving me a guide how to
this problem? Please....

Thank you very much for your help.

Best Regards,
Wira Saputra

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