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From Kamal Bahadur <>
Subject Max records per node for a given secondary index value
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 17:53:22 GMT
Hi All,

It is great to know that Cassandra column family can accommodate 2 billion
columns per row! I was reading about how Cassandra stores the secondary
index info internally. I now understand that the index related data are
stored in hidden CF and each node is responsible to store the keys of data
that reside on that node only.

I have been using secondary index for a low cardinality column called
"product". There can only be 3 possible values for this column. I have a
four node cluster and process about 5000 records per second with a RF 2.

My question here is, what happens after the number of columns in hidden
index CF exceeds 2 billion? How does Cassandra handle this situation? I
guess, one way to handle this is to add more nodes to the cluster. I am
interested in knowing if any other solution exist.


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