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From "Brian O'Neill" <>
Subject Cassandra to Oracle?
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2012 17:28:22 GMT
I can't remember if I asked this question before, but....

We're using Cassandra as our transactional system, and building up quite a
library of map/reduce jobs that perform data quality analysis, statistics,
(> 100 jobs now)

But... we are still struggling to provide an "ad-hoc" query mechanism for
our users.

To fill that gap, I believe we still need to materialize our data in an

Anyone have any ideas?  Better ways to support ad-hoc queries?

Effectively, our users want to be able to select count(distinct Y) from X
group by Z.
Where Y and Z are arbitrary columns of rows in X.

We believe we can create column families with different key structures
(using Y an Z as row keys), but some column names we don't know / can't
predict ahead of time.

Are people doing bulk exports?
Anyone trying to keep an RDBMS in synch in real-time?


Brian ONeill
Lead Architect, Health Market Science (

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