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From Sunit Randhawa <>
Subject Deciding on CF
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 18:49:35 GMT

We are working on some new cassandra requirements and I wanted to get your
recommendations on how to go ahead and put schema in place in terms of how
many CF one should have for below scenario:

1- There are 10 applications. Out of which 1 or 2 applications are very
active giving 90%+ load.

2- Every application has 10-15 defined transaction types.

3- Transaction Data needs to be stored in cassandra that is categorized
based on application (#1), transaction type (#2) and originating server.
Size of each transaction data is 5KB. There can be max. of 250 million
transactions per day. Transaction Data can be purged after 60 days. (There
are no updates but only inserts)

4- Finally, Transaction Data Report need to be generated that can be
rolled-up based on a timeline (could be past 5 mins upto max of 60 days)
based on application, transaction type and/or originating server.

Wanted to take the user group suggestion on how to decide on umber of  CF
and indexing option.

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