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From Jianhui Zhang <>
Subject Re: CF Comparator type and get_slice
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2012 08:44:47 GMT

BytesType sorts values in byte order. That is: "2" (byte 50) is bigger than "10" (byte 49
48). It may or may not be relevant to your problem, depending on your column names and the


 From: Gustavo Gustavo <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 8:19 PM
Subject: CF Comparator type and get_slice

I suppose that a CF Comparator type is used to sort the columns based on its type, right?
So, let's suppose I have two columns: 1, 3. If I insert column 2 I will end up with 1, 2,
3, ok?

I'm using the default BytesType as the Comparator type to store time series columns (actually
the value is a C# DateTime.Ticks value - a long int). The columns aren't inserted in order.
But, later, when I use get_slice with something like:

            slice.Slice_range.Start = BitConverter.GetBytes(dateFrom.Value.Ticks);
            slice.Slice_range.Finish = BitConverter.GetBytes(dateTo.Value.Ticks);

where dateFrom and dateTo are supplied by the user and may not (most likely) correspond to
an existing column name. I'm getting some really weird results, from dates that are even
outside the range supplied. Any hint about this?

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