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Subject Re: CQL 'Where' clause ignores secondary index filter
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2012 05:39:14 GMT

Dear Aaron,
Thanks for the information.
Actually it's a normal query which works with SQL. I believe there will be some mechanism
to do so in Cassandra, as first retrieving the records based on key and then checking for
the column index later will be inefficient.
Thanks again.
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From: "aaron morton" <>
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 12:23am
Subject: Re: CQL 'Where' clause ignores secondary index filter

It is working as expected.
Because you have specified a KEY the query returns records that match that key(s), and it
ignores the other clauses.
Selecting rows follows one of three paths:
* selects rows by key(s)
* select rows by key range, i.e. rows after this key.
* select rows by (secondary) column index.
Hope that helps.

Aaron Morton
Freelance Developer

On 20/01/2012, at 12:18 AM, []

I've defined a  column family 'Vaibhav' in which every row has few columns and its values.
I've declared two column as secondary index so that I can filter the rows on the basis of
those column values.
Now whenever I execute a CQL with either only rowkey or column name in 'WHERE' clause, it
gives me the proper result. But when I use both rowkey and column name filter in 'WHERE' clause
it ignores the column filter and gives the result matching with the rowkey.
Sample Records from column family 'Vaibhav':
RowKey: 1111 
=> (column=Bare_JID, [], timestamp=1326436553009)

=> (column=Domain,, timestamp=1326436553014) 
=> (column=Full_JID, [], timestamp=1326436552979)

RowKey: 2222
=> (column=Bare_JID, [], timestamp=1326436611316)
=> (column=Domain,, timestamp=1326436611318)
=> (column=Full_JID, [], timestamp=1326436611310)
RowKey: 3333
=> (column=Bare_JID, [], timestamp=1326436643841)
=> (column=Domain,, timestamp=1326436643842)
=> (column=Full_JID, [], timestamp=1326436643835)
Here both 'Bare_JID' and 'Domain' have secondary Index. 
CQL : SELECT * from Vaibhav where KEY = '1111' AND [mailto:Bare_JID=] Bare_JID=''

is returning the first row, but ideally it should return no records as both the condition
are not satisfied.
Kindly help me to resolve this issue.
Vaibhav S.
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