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From Vlad Paiu <>
Subject Re: Cassandra C client implementation
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2011 22:16:13 GMT
Hello Eric,

We have that, thanks alot for the contribution.
The idea is to not play around with including C++ code in a C app, if there's an alternative
( the thrift g_libc ).

Unfortunately, since thrift does not generate a skeleton for the glibc code, I don't know
how to find out what the API functions are called, and guessing them is not going that good

I'll wait a little longer & see if anybody can help with the C thrift, or at least tell
me it's not working. :)


Eric Tamme <> wrote:

>On 12/14/2011 04:18 PM, Vlad Paiu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just tried libcassie and seems it's not compatible with latest cassandra, as even
simple inserts and fetches fail with InvalidRequestException...
>> So can anybody please provide a very simple example in C for connecting&  fetching
columns with thrift ?
>> Regards,
>> Vlad
>> Vlad Paiu<>  wrote:
>We have written a specific cassandra db module for usrloc with opensips 
>and have open sourced it on github.  We use the thrift generated c++ 
>bindings and extern stuff to c.  I spoke to bogdan about this a while 
>ago, and gave him the github link, but here it is for your reference   
>Hopefully that helps.  I idle in #opensips too,  just ask about 
>cassandra in there and I'll probably see it.
>- Eric Tamme
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