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From Peter Schuller <>
Subject Re: Repair failure under 0.8.6
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2011 00:17:35 GMT
> As a side effect of the failed repair (so it seems) the disk usage on the
> affected node prevents compaction from working. It still works on
> the remaining nodes (we have 3 total).
> Is there a way to scrub the extraneous data?

This is one of the reasons why killing an in-process repair is a bad thing :(

If you do not have enough disk space for any kind of compaction to
work, then no, unfortunately there is no easy way to get rid of the

You can go to extra trouble such as moving the entire node to some
other machine (e.g. firewalled from the cluster) with more disk and
run compaction there and then "move it back", but that is kind of
painful to do. Another option is to decommission the node and replace
it. However, be aware that (1) that leaves the ring with less capacity
for a while, and (2) when you decommission, the data you stream from
that node to others would be artificially inflated due to the repair
so there is some risk of "infecting" the other nodes with a large data

I should mention that if you have no traffic running against the
cluster, one way is to just remove all the data and then run repair
afterwards. But that implies that you're trusting that (1) no reads
are going to the cluster (else you might serve reads based on missing
data) and (2) that you are comfortable with loss of the data on the
node. (2) might be okay if you're e.g. writing at QUORUM at all times
and have RF >= 3 (basically, this is as if the node would have been
lost due to hardware breakage).

A faster way to reconstruct the node would be to delete the data from
your keyspaces (except the system keyspace), start the node (now
missing data), and run 'nodetool rebuild' after is done. The
patch attached to that ticket should work for 0.8.6 I suspect (but no
guarantees). This also assumes you have no reads running against the

/ Peter Schuller (@scode,

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