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From Dominic Williams <>
Subject Re: Previously deleted rows resurrected by repair?
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2011 11:52:50 GMT
Hmm interesting could be some variation on 3510 (which caught me out).

Personally I really don't like having to rely on repair to stop deletes
being undone. If you agree follow this proposal for an alternative which also stops
tombstone build up.

2011/12/27 Jonas Borgström <>

> Hi,
> I Have a 3 node cluster running Cassandra 1.0.3 and using replication
> factor=3.
> Recently I've noticed that some previously deleted rows have started to
> reappear for some reason. And now I wonder if this is a known issue with
> 1.0.3?
> Repairs have been running every weekend (gc_grace is 10 days) and always
> completed successfully. But while looking at the logs I noticed that a fair
> number of ranges (around 10% of the total number of keys) have been
> streamed between these nodes during the repair sessions. This seems a bit
> high to me given that everything is written using quorum and all nodes have
> been up all the time.
> For me this looks suspiciously like some already deleted keys are streamed
> to other nodes during repair.
> Some more details about the data:
> All keys are written to only once and most of them are deleted a couple of
> days/weeks later. Some keys are large enough to require incremental
> compaction.
> Could this bug cause this?
> Regards,
> Jonas

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