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From Ramesh Natarajan <>
Subject gracefully recover from data file corruptions
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 13:46:19 GMT
We are running a 30 node 1.0.5 cassandra cluster  running RHEL 5.6
x86_64 virtualized on ESXi 5.0. We are seeing Decorated Key assertion
error during compactions and at this point we are suspecting anything
from OS/ESXi/HBA/iSCSI RAID.  Please correct me i am wrong, once a
node gets into this state I don't see any way to recover unless I
remove the corrupted data file and restart cassandra. I am running
tests with replication factor 3 and all reads and writes are done with
QUORUM. So i believe there will not be data loss if i do this.

If this is a correct way to recover I would like to know how to
gracefully do this in production environment..

- Disable thrift
- Disable gossip
- Drain the node
- kill the cassandra java process ( send a sigterm and or sigkill )
- do a filesystem sync
- remove the corrupted file from the /var/lib/cassandra/data directory
- start cassandra
- enable gossip so all pending hintedhandoff occurs
- enable thrift.


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