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From Edward Capriolo <>
Subject Re: column family names
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2011 17:41:03 GMT
Use the source :)

[edward@ec cas-trunk]$ grep regex ./*
./build.xml:      <ignore regex="org.apache.log4j.*"/>
./build.xml:        <containsregexp expression="^0 Unknown Licenses"/>
./build.xml:    <regexpmapper from="^.*/([^/]+)$$" to="\1" handledirsep="yes" />
./CHANGES.txt:   matches a '^\w+' regex. (CASSANDRA-1377)
./NEWS.txt:       to the '^\w+' regex convention.
./NEWS.txt:	- Keyspace and column family names that do not confirm to
a '^\w+' regex

 * disallow invalid keyspace and column family names. This includes name that
   matches a '^\w+' regex. (CASSANDRA-1377)

On 12/29/11, Scott Lewis <> wrote:
> I've noticed when creating column families that the name of the column
> family apparently has some restrictions...e.g. the presence of a '.'
> character in the column family name seems to throw an exception.  Is
> there anywhere articulated the restrictions on column family names (and
> keyspace names...if there are any such restrictions).  If so, where?
> Thanksinadvance,
> Scott

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