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From Radim Kolar <>
Subject index sampling
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2011 16:34:38 GMT
 > That is a good reason for both to be configurable IMO.
index sampling is currently configurable only per node, it would be 
better to have it per Keyspace because we are using OLTP like and OLAP 
keyspaces in same cluster. OLAP Keyspaces has about 1000x more rows.

But its difficult to estimate index sampling memory until there will be 
way to monitor memory used by index sampling . Java can use 
about 10x more memory than raw data for index sample entry - and from 
sstable/ it seems that cassandra is using one big 
arrayList with <RowPosition,long>.

on node with 300m rows (small node), it will be 585937 index sample 
entries with 512 sampling. lets say 100 bytes per entry this will be 585 
MB, bloom filters are 884 MB. With default sampling 128, sampled entries 
will use majority of node memory. Index sampling should be reworked like 
bloom filters to avoid allocating one large array per sstable. hadoop 
mapfile is using sampling 128 by default too and it reads entire mapfile 
index into memory.

it should be clearly documented in - that bloom 
filters + index sampling will be responsible for most memory used by 
node. Caching itself has minimal use on large data set used for OLAP.

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