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From Maxim Potekhin <>
Subject Re: exporting data from Cassandra cluster
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2011 20:04:31 GMT
Hello Alexandru,

as you probably know, my group is using Amazon S3 to permanently (or 
sem-permanently) park the data
in CSV format, which makes it portable and we can load it into anything 
if needed, or analyze on its own.
Just my half of a Swiss centime :)

And, because the S3 option is not for everybody, and since you are at 
CERN, -- talk to data people in ATLAS.
350GB seems trivial.



On 12/7/2011 11:17 AM, Alexandru Dan Sicoe wrote:
> Hello everyone.
>  3 node Cassandra 0.8.5 cluster. I've left the system running in 
> production environment for long term testing. I've accumulated about 
> 350GB of data with RF=2. The machines I used for the tests are older 
> and need to be replaced. Because of this I need to export the data to 
> a permanent location. How should I export the data? In order to reduce 
> the storage spac I want to export only the non-replicated data? I 
> mean, just one copy of the data (without the replicas). Is this 
> possible? How?
> Cheers,
> Alexandru

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