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From Rene Kochen <>
Subject RE: Question about minor compaction
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2011 16:22:19 GMT
Thanks for your quick response.

I indeed see that similar sized files are compacted. However, for four similar 1GB files,
this is not what I see.

The documentation states:

"These parameters set thresholds for the number of similar-sized SSTables that can accumulate
before a minor compaction is triggered. With the default values, a minor compaction may begin
any time after four SSTables are created on disk for a column family, and must begin before
32 SSTables accumulate."

So a more general question:

In which situation does Cassandra not start a minor compaction immediately (when there are
four similar sized files), but waits (up to 32)?


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From: Radim Kolar [] 
Sent: vrijdag 4 november 2011 16:48
Subject: Re: Question about minor compaction

Dne 4.11.2011 16:16, Rene Kochen napsal(a):
> I'm using Cassandra 0.7.9.
> Ok, so in this version, Cassandra waits with compaction. But when (in my original example)
are the four 1GB files compacted?
There are compacted when next file of similar size to 1 GB is created

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