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From Sarah Baker <>
Subject cassandra-cli prompt meaning
Date Sat, 19 Nov 2011 00:42:34 GMT
Re: Cassandra 0.8.7

Where will I find what the first part of the Cassandra-cli prompt means?

I've turned on SimpleAuthenticator/SimpleAuthority.

I connect via the Cassandra-cli

[default@unknown] connect localhost/9160 dilbert 'nomoovertime'
...     ;
Connected to: "Test Cluster" on localhost/9160
[dilbert@unknown] use Twissandra;
Authenticated to keyspace: Twissandra
[default@Twissandra] create column family User with comparator = UTF8Type;
[default@Twissandra] set User['jsmith']['first'] = 'John';
Value inserted.

I come in as user dilbert, and initially see that reflected in the prompt,
but after I use Twissandra, why isn't the prompt dilbert@Twissandra?
The second half is clearly the keyspace.
What's the first? and is it modal?


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