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From "Dotan N." <>
Subject data agility
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2011 19:06:49 GMT
Hi all,
my question may be more philosophical than related technically
to Cassandra, but please bear with me.

Given that a young startup may not know its product full at the early
stages, but that it definitely points to ~200M users,
would Cassandra will be the right way to go?

That is, the requirement is for a large data store, that can move with
product changes and requirements swiftly.

Given that in Cassandra one thinks hard about the queries, and then builds
a model to suit it best, I was thinking of
this situation as problematic.

So here are some questions:

- would it be wiser to start with a more agile data store (such as mongodb)
and then progress onto Cassandra, when the product itself solidifies?
- given that we start with Cassandra from the get go, what is a common (and
quick in terms of development) way or practice to change data, change
schemas, as the product evolves?
- is it even smart to start with Cassandra? would only startups whose core
business is big data start with it from the get go?
- how would you do map/reduce with Cassandra? how agile is that? (for
example, can you run map/reduce _very_ frequently?)


Dotan, @jondot <>

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