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From Benoit Perroud <>
Subject Re: Multiple Keyword Lookup Indexes
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2011 14:57:42 GMT
You could directly use secondary indexes on the other fields instead
of handling yourself your indexes :

Define your global id (can be UUID), and have columns loginName, email
etc with a secondary index. Retrieval will then be fast.

2011/11/7 Felix Sprick <>:
> Hallo,
> We are implementing a Cassandra-backed user database. The challange in
> this is that there are 4 different sort of user IDs that all need to
> be indexed in order to access user data via them quickly. For example
> the user has a unique UUID, but also a LoginName and an email address,
> which can all be used for authentication.
> How do I model this in Cassandra?
> My approach would be to have one main "table" which is indexed by the
> most frequently used lookup value as row-key, lets say this is the
> UUID. This table would contain all customer data. Then I would create
> a index "table" for each of the other login alternatives, where I just
> reference to the UUID. So each alternative login which is not using
> the UUID would require two Cassandra queries. Are there any better
> approaches to model this?
> Also, I read somewhere that Cassandra is not optimized for these
> "reference tables" which are very short with two columns only. What is
> the reason for that?
> thanks,
> Felix

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