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From Subrahmanya Harve <>
Subject Re: questions on frequency and timing of async replication between DCs
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2011 23:03:05 GMT
Thank you Konstantin,Radim. Appreciate your responses.

On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 11:27 PM, Radim Kolar <> wrote:

>  It may be the case that your CL is the issue. You are writing it at
>> ONE, which means that out of the 4 replicas of that key (two in each
>> data center), you are only putting it on one of them.
> cassandra will always try to replicate key to all available replicas.
> Under normal conditions if you do write + wait about 1 sec + then read at
> CL.ONE you should get back correct value. Consistency in cassandra is not
> problem in real world, its way better then SQL databases with async
> replication. Make sure you have your clients clock synced via NTP,

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