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From huyle <>
Subject Decommission a node causing high IO usage on 2 other nodes
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 22:30:26 GMT

We recently upgraded a cluster to larger servers by bootstrapping the new
servers using token - 1 from old servers as the tokens for new servers.
After bootstrapping the new servers, old servers are shown owning 0.00%
workload ( they still really own a very small amount of data as I understand
it).   After decommissioning one of the old node, 2 new nodes next in the
token ring got IO wait from normal of 3% to 60%+.  Then we ran compaction on
the 2 new nodes that got high IO wait, IO is at 30%.  That 10 times the IO
wait we had before.  

Here is snippet of token ring for illustration purpose:

after decommission 1.old, and got very high IO wait.

What may be causing high IO wait on and



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