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From footh <>
Subject range slice with TimeUUID column names
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2011 06:35:52 GMT
I am using Hector to do a range query for a column family that uses TimeUUIDs as column names.
 However, I'm not sure how to create the "range".  I figured I'd create some UUIDs using
the com.eaio.uuid library with timestamps for the range I was interested in.  When trying
this, I don't get any results back even though I am sure there are UUIDs in the time range.
 Is this the correct way to do this?  Here's how I'm creating my range UUIDs where 'start'
and 'finish' are timestamps from java.util.Date:

UUID startId = new UUID(UUIDGen.createTime(start), UUIDGen.getClockSeqAndNode());
UUID finishId = new UUID(UUIDGen.createTime(finish), UUIDGen.getClockSeqAndNode());

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