Looking at this talk (http://www.datastax.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/cassandra_sf_counters.pdf) by Sylvain Lesbresne at DataStax, I had a few questions related to my understanding Cassandra architecture. 

Assuming that we have a keyspace in Cassandra with:
1. Replication Factor (RF) = 1.
2. "Counters" as a counter column family having "row-key" as a row key which has "cnt" as a counter column.
3. We always update Counters["row-key"]["cnt"] with a Consistency level of ONE.

My understanding is that in such a case, the updates/second of that counter will be limited by the performance of just one node in the cluster. Adding new nodes will not increase the rate of update. However if RF was 3 (keeping everything else same), updates/second would roughly have been 3 times the current value. Am I correct here?

Moreover, any write operation to a column in a key in the above mentioned configuration can scale only if RF increases. Is this inference correct?

Amit S. Chavan