Hi, what is your replication_factor?

2011/10/19 Yang <teddyyyy123@gmail.com>
I'm using a cassandra version compiled from 1.0.0  github HEAD.

I have 3 nodes, A B and C,  on node A I run a client, which talks only
to B as the coordinator.

the performance is pretty good, a QUORUM read+write  takes < 10ms.

but then I shutdown C, quickly the performance starts to degrade, and
QUORUM read+write time steadily increase to about 300ms.

if I shutdown A and keep C, I observe the same effect.

I understand that "2 out of 3" is going to give you faster response
than "2 out of 2", but  the difference should not be that dramatic as
10ms vs 300ms.

any possible reasons for this?(or how to debug this?)