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From Anand Somani <>
Subject Monitoring question for a multi DC (active/standby) configuration
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 16:43:48 GMT

Have a requirement to do a multi dc low latency application. This will be
in an active/standby setup. So I am planning on using LOCAL_QUORUM for
writes. Now if there is a hard requirement of maximum loss of data (on a dc
destruction) to some minutes,

   - In cassandra what is the recommended approach to monitor the cluster
   so that I can find out when I am going to miss my SLA (of data loss)? Is
   this even possible?  Can this be monitored in cassandra (message dropped,
   or something) or has to be done outside?
   - I am also open to other suggestions, if there is a another way of
   doing active/standby with durability guarantees. Or is this not possible
   and I should use EACH_QUORUM

I found a few emails on active/standby, but nothing about monitoring, so if
this is already a discussed/solution suggested problem please forward the


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