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From Maciej Miklas <>
Subject Cassandra as session store under heavy load
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 10:49:13 GMT
Hi *,

I would like to use Cassandra to store session related informations. I do
not have real HTTP session - it's different protocol, but the same concept.

Memcached would be fine, but I would like to additionally persist data.

Cassandra setup:

   - non replicated Key Space
   - single Column Family, where key is session ID and each column within
   row stores single key/value - (Map<String,Set<String,String>>)
   - column TTL = 10 minutes
   - write CL = ONE
   - read CL = ONE
   - 2.000 writes/s
   - 5.000 reads/s

Data example:

session1:{ // CF row key
   {prop1:val1, TTL:10 min},
   {prop2:val2, TTL:10 min},
   {propXXX:val3, TTL:10 min}
session2:{ // CF row key
   {prop1:val1, TTL:10 min},
   {prop2:val2, TTL:10 min},
sessionXXXX:{ // CF row key
   {prop1:val1, TTL:10 min},
   {prop2:val2, TTL:10 min},

In this case consistency is not a problem, but the performance could be,
especially disk IO.

Since data in my session leaves for short time, I would like to avoid
storing it on hard drive - except for commit log.

I have some questions:

   1. If column expires in Memtable before flushing it to SSTable, will
   Cassandra anyway store such column in SSTable (flush it to HDD)?
   2. Replication is disabled for my Key Space, in this case storing such
   expired column in SSTable would not be necessary, right?
   3. Each CF hat max 10 columns. In such case I would enable row cache and
   disable key cache. But I am expecting my data to be still available in
   Memtable, in this case I could disable whole cache, right?
   4. Any Cassandra configuration hints for such session-store use case
   would be really appreciated :)

Thank you,


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