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From Maciej Miklas <>
Subject Re: Cassandra as session store under heavy load
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2011 06:28:16 GMT
- RF is 1. We have few KeySpaces, only this one is not replicated - this
data is not that very important. In case of error customer will have to
execute process again. But again, I would like to persist it.
- Serializing data is not an option, because I would like to have
possibility to access data using console
- I will keep row cache - you are right, there is no guarantee, that my data
is still in Memtable

I will get my hardware soon (3 servers) and we will see ;) In this worst
case I will switch my session storage to memcached, and leave all other data
in Cassandra (no TTL, or very long)

Another questions:
- Using Cassandra to build something like "HTTP session store" with short
TTL is not an anti-pattern ?
- There is really no way to tell Cassandra, that particular Key Space should
be stored "mostly" in RAM and only asynchronous backup on HDD (JMS has
something like that)?


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