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From Caleb Rackliffe <>
Subject Reading Last Values From a SuperColumn
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 03:55:19 GMT
Hi Everybody,

I have a column family of super-columns with long names.  The columns in each super-column
also have long names.  I'm using Hector, and what I want to do is get the last column in each
super-column, for a range of super-columns.  I was able to get the last column in a column
family  like this…

Cluster cluster = HFactory.getOrCreateCluster("Cortex", config);

Keyspace keyspace = HFactory.createKeyspace("Products", cluster);

RangeSlicesQuery<String, String, String> rangeSlicesQuery =

HFactory.createRangeSlicesQuery(keyspace, StringSerializer.get(), StringSerializer.get(),


rangeSlicesQuery.setKeys("id0", "id0");

rangeSlicesQuery.setRange("", "", true, 1);

QueryResult<OrderedRows<String, String, String>> rsult = rangeSlicesQuery.execute();

…but no luck with the additional dimension.

Thanks in advance!

Caleb Rackliffe | Software Developer
M 949.981.0159 |

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