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From Shyamal Prasad <>
Subject Re: unwanted node discovery
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2011 22:14:22 GMT
>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Czech <> writes:

    Eric> Hi Shyamal, I was using the same cluster name but since
    Eric> writing that first email, I've already had success bringing up
    Eric> nodes in the analysis cluster with a different cluster name
    Eric> after deleting the LocationInfo* tables.  

    Eric> How have you been setting the tokens in the copied version of
    Eric> the cluster?  Are you just mapping them one-to-one on the
    Eric> original cluster? 

Yep. It's brittle but it works. It's brittle because if the production
cluster topology changes I have some work to do (since the copied
SSTables will now not match the static mapping until I manually update

I've yet to find a simpler way to do this (the LocationInfo CF stores
(token, inetaddress) pairs, and those simply don't automagically
transfer to a backup cluster).


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