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From Gary Jefferson <>
Subject cassandra on laptop
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2011 20:44:42 GMT
I'm running an underpowered laptop (ubuntu) for development work. Installing Cassandra was
easy, and getting the twissandra example app up and working was also easy.

Here's the problem: after about a day of letting it run (with no load generated to webapp
or db), my laptop now becomes unresponsive. If I'm patient, I can shutdown the cassandra service
and return things to normal. In each of these cases, the cassandra process is eating up almost
all memory, and everything goes to swap.

I can't develop against Cassandra in this environment. I know it isn't set up by default to
work efficiently on a meager laptop, but are there some common setting somewhere that I can
just tweak to make life not be so miserable? I just want to play with it and try it out for
this project I'm working on, but that's impractical with default settings. I'm going to have
to flee to mongodb or something not as good...

I'm also a little nervous about this running on a server now -- I've read enough to understand
that by default it's set up to eat lots of memory, and I'm fine with that... but it just lends
itself to all the java bigotry that some of us accumulate over the years.

Anyway, if someone can give me a pointer on how to set up to run on a laptop in a development
setting, big thanks.


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