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From Yan Chunlu <>
Subject what's the difference between repair CF separately and repair the entire node?
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2011 02:18:35 GMT
I have 3 nodes and RF=3.  I  tried to repair every node in the cluster by
using "nodetool repair mykeyspace mycf" on every column family.  it finished
within 3 hours, the data size is no more than 50GB.
after the repair, I have tried using nodetool repair immediately to repair
the entire node, but 48 hours has past it still going on. "compactionstats"
shows it is doing "SSTable rebuild".

so I am frustrating about why does "nodetool repair" so slow?   how does it
different with repair every CF?

I didn't tried to repair the system keyspace, does it also need to repair?

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