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From Todd Burruss <>
Subject selective replication
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2011 18:06:15 GMT
Has anyone done any work on what I'll call "selective replication" between DCs?  I want to
use Cassandra to replicate data to another virtual DC (for analytical purposes), but only
"inserts", not "deletes".

Picture having two data centers, DC1 for OLTP of short lived data (say 90 day window) and
DC2 for OLAP (years of data).  DC2 would probably be a Brisk setup.

In this scenario, clients would get/insert/delete from DC1 (the OLTP system) and DC1 would
replicate inserts only to DC2 (the OLAP system) for analytics.  I don't have any experience
(yet) with multi-dc replication, but I don't think this is possible.


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