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Subject record not available on created system when other system (Node\Seed) is shutdown
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2011 08:24:32 GMT
I Installed Cassandra 0.8.4 on two systems configure like below
System 1: IP "" which is acting as seed
  - seeds: ""
System 2: IP "" which is acting as node
 - seeds: ""
Followed the steps below
1. Now i started System 1 (Seed) and created Key Space called "aspace".
2. Now Started the System 2 (Node) and use the Key Space "aspace" successfully.
3. Now in System 1 (Seed) created column family and maintain a record.
4. Now in System 2 (Node) tested getting the created record in seed is success.
5. Now in System 1 (Seed) tested getting the create record in itself and it is success.
6. Now i shutdown the Cassandra in system 2 (Node).
7. After shutdown of System 2 (Node) i am trying to get the record in System 1 (Seed) where
the record was created, but failed to get the record as it return null.
8. Again i brought the System 2 (Node) up, then tested in System 1 (seed) to get the record,
it is success.
My understand with Cassandra is irrespective of system down or up the record should be available
on other systems(node\seed);
So when we stop the Node the records created on Seed were not available for Seed it self,
also vice versa? 
Did I miss any configuration?
Advance thanks for your help.
 The crazy is that i noted the record is not displayed on created system when the other system
(node) is down but same record is accessible when the record created system(seed) is down
also tested vice versa situation is same.
P. Rajashekar Reddy 

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