Have not used Cassandra much yet, but it seems pretty clear to me that the entry with the latest timestamp (sent in by the client) will be the one that will be the "winner" eventually.

Mark here that this is the timestamp the client send in which is not necessarily the actual time.

So eg if the Datacenter #1 sets X with timestamp 1234 and Datacenter #1 sets Y with timestamp 1233 then eventually the value X will be the value that all client reads get since it has the highest timestamp.

On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 10:58 PM, Eldad Yamin <eldad87@gmail.com> wrote:
Let’s say that I have 2 datacenters, a key is changed on both of my datacenters in the exact same time (even in 1-2 seconds diff).
Datacenter #1 add column "abc" with value X Datacenter #2 add column "abc" with value Y.

What is the result of that situation?
Is there any different if the changes will be made withing the same data center?

Eldad Yamin