We are happy to announce release of Kundera 2.0.3

Kundera is a JPA 2.0 based, Object-Datastore Mapping Library for NoSQL Datastores. The idea behind Kundera is to make working with NoSQL Databases drop-dead simple and fun. It currently supports Cassandra, HBase and MongoDB. 

Cassandra 0.8 support has been added to Kundera in this release. (Earlier it supported Cassandra 0.7.x)

What's keeping us busy:
We are actively working on adding new features and improving existing ones in Kundera. Some of them are:

- Cross-store persistence
- Support for nested embedding
- Plugin architecture to let developers create their own plugin for a NoSQL database support. 
- Transaction support

To download, use or contribute to Kundera, visit: http://github.com/impetus-opensource/Kundera
An example twitter like application built using Kundera can be found at: http://github.com/impetus-opensource/Kundera-Examples

NOSQL is as easy as SQL, if done through Kundera !
Happy working with NoSQL!!