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From Stephane Legay <>
Subject Re: would it possible for this kind of data loss?
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2011 02:46:43 GMT
Ok, will look into it, thx for the heads up.

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On Aug 21, 2011 6:45 PM, "Yan Chunlu" <> wrote:
> I was aware of the deleted items might be come back alive without proper
> node repair.
> how about modified items, for example 'A'=>{1,2,3}. then 'A'=>{4,5}. if
> that possible 'A' change back to {1,2,3}?
> I have encountered this mystery problem after go through a mess procedure
> with cassandra nodes, (repair,interrupt repair,restart,remove
> migration,schema sstable,disable gossip,disablethrift,flush,change RF from
> 2->3 then 3-> then 2->3, rebalance the cluster using move, change key
> and row cache to 0 and change back to 200000) something like this. Is that
> possible that I could somehow make the old version data replace the new
> version data?
> I have 3 nodes and the client read/write consistency level is QUORUM, I
> changed it to ONE for awhile and changed it back.

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