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From Philippe <>
Subject Re: Repairs are both ways ?
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2011 07:56:32 GMT
> Because they are occurring in parallel.
> So if a range is out of sync between A<->B and A<->C, A will receive the
> repairing stream from both (in any order) and will apply mutations based on
> that and the usual overwrite rules so necessarily exclude one of the
> repairing stream and that data will not be reparied on the remote node. Is
> that it ?
Still thinking of this : wouldn't this explain why multiple repairs in a row
on the same node (but not on the others) result in constant out-of-syncs ?
Node A is out of sync from B & C but B & C are out of sync with each other
so once A repairs with B (or C) ,the next repair will again show it out of
sync with the other node but it will ignore its stream since it's "out of

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