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From William Oberman <>
Subject how to migrate?
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 18:05:30 GMT
I was hoping to transition my "simple" cassandra cluster (where each node is a cassandra +
hadoop tasktracker) to a cluster with two virtual datacenters (vanilla cassandra vs. cassandra
+ hadoop tasktracker), based on this:
The problem I'm having is my hadoop jobs are getting heavy enough it's affecting my user facing
performance on my cluster.

Right now I'm in AWS, and I have 4 nodes in us-east split over two availability zones ("us-east-1c"
that I'll call "c" and "us-east-1d" that I'll call "d"), setup with this keyspace:
create keyspace civicscience with replication_factor=3 and strategy_options = [{us-east:3}]
and placement_strategy='org.apache.cassandra.locator.NetworkTopologyStrategy';
And I'm using the Ec2Snitch.

I'm wondering if I write my own snitch that extends Ec2Snitch with overrides as follows:
getDC = if(AZ == c || d) return return us-east (to keep current nodes the same) else return
getRack = return super(); (returning a,b,c,d seems ok)

Then, if I boot N new nodes into us-east-1[a,b] they will be "hadoop" nodes because of the
snitch.  I'll obviously have to change my home brew cassandra + hadoop instances to selectively
run task trackers or not (a/b = yes, and c/d = no).

-Is the overall RF=3 still ok?
-What is the recommended split between "normal" and "hadoop" in terms of strategy_options
(assuming RF=3)?  2/1?  
-Can I (how do I safely) change the keyspace strategy_options from [{us-east:3}] to [{us-east:2,
us-east-hadoop:1}]   This seems like the riskiest/most complicated step of everything I've
-After I change the options, what (if anything) would I have to do to migrate data around?

One final question: should I add new nodes as Brisk instances instead of my home brew cassandra
+ hadoop nodes?  I've obviously already put in the pain/effort of learning how to run hadoop
+ cassandra...

Thanks for any help/advice!


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