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From "Hartog C. de Mik" <>
Subject Re: no stack trace :(
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2011 06:12:45 GMT
On Thu, Aug 04, 2011 at 05:02:18PM -0600, Dean Hiller wrote:
> There seems to be no stack trace on this message
> Error: Exception thrown by the agent : Local
> host name unknown: ip-10-0-1-10: ip-10-0-1-10
> I am also on sure why cassandra is doing a getLocalHost when I tried to bind
> "everything" to for not for a prototype project on amazon.  I REALLY
> do not want to change the /etc/hosts file, really really really don't want
> to since I am creating a single image so that I can deploy a cluster of 10,
> shut it down and deploy a cluster of 20, etc. etc. to get some performance
> metrics from the system.  With no stack trace, it hard to jump into the
> cassandra code(and of course as a quick fix, I can copy the java
> file/recompile and just put it on the classpath before cassandra's class
> file to fix for now).
> Any ideas why there is a getLocalHost or better yet, what file this error
> comes from?


I don't know where the error is coming from, but in my config file it says:

# Address to bind to and tell other Cassandra nodes to connect to. You
# _must_ change this if you want multiple nodes to be able to
# communicate!
# Leaving it blank leaves it up to InetAddress.getLocalHost(). This
# will always do the Right Thing *if* the node is properly configured
# (hostname, name resolution, etc), and the Right Thing is to use the
# address associated with the hostname (it might not be).
# Setting this to is always wrong.


Since you have an /etc/hosts file, I am assuming you are on a UN*X
box, so using sed to change the listen_address to the response from
ifconfig when deploying to a lot of clusters might just work.

Seems more reasonable then patching the code without knowing the

Kind regards,

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