Is row cache not enough for this? 

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We’re presently trying to use Cassandra as a storage/retrieval system for live data & composite counters (on the data).


As we work on telecom data records (voice call/sms/GPRS xDRs), the data volume is simply HUGE, and we definitely need a “controlled” caching mechanism in front of the Cassandra layer.


By the term  “controlled cache layer”, what I am trying to suggest is something like maybe maintaining a list of most high-usage (and therefore, high occurrence) phone numbers somewhere, and the cache layer will hold all live data and counters for those numbers in memory. Therefore, all read/write operations which relate to that particular set of numbers will be very fast, since there will be no physical disk usage. For all other records in the data feed (which are not so frequent in occurrence) - the cache will pass through read/write operations to the Cassandra store directly.


The basic caching mechanism provided by Cassandra seems to be inadequate for this strategy L


Any ideas or suggestions how we might proceed for this?


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