There is no cursor support.

Moving away from thrift is still in the "hopefully someday" stage.

On Jul 28, 2011 9:03 AM, "Nicholas Neuberger" <> wrote:
> I had a few questions that I couldn't easily answer by looking through many
> JIRA tickets and the wiki. We are currently developing an application based
> on Cassandra 0.8.x with the CQL driver.
> Does the CQL driver currently support cursor / resultsets?
> I'd like to implement a pagination feature. Currently, from what I
> understand is that it uses Thrift now, and it does support pagination
> through slices.
> Also, what's the status of migrating away from Thrift and what will be
> replacing it for communications? I saw a few posts stating long term to
> remove that dependency.
> Thanks,
> Nick Neuberger